The Village Squires

village squires

The Village Squires – Tales of Mayhem and Revenge is an exciting and eye-opening story about a young and extremely talented rock and roll band’s path to professional status and acclaim. Yet, its members’ underlying sense of justice and retribution, resulting from several childhood and young-adult traumas, presents the band with a collective and debilitating dichotomy…in that they sometimes, very purposefully, become vigilantes, creating a shared alter-ego/lifestyle; and, while unique and noble with intent, eventually sabotage themselves in terms of greater career success.
The main characters, Paulie Bayonne/lead vocals, Johnny Wilson/drums, Rocky Reeves/bass, and Mickey Franz/guitar, have all been best friends since junior high, growing up in a small city of Northern Virginia. Paul and John are one year older than Mickey and Rocky, and, by design, take on the roles of big brothers to each, respectively.
These four experience the intoxicating highs and anguishing lows of flirting with stardom, as well as all the trappings of the music business, good and bad; but, it’s the ubiquitous enigma of righteous decision and dilemma of consequence that gives this story its underlying and psychological foundation, ending, quite possibly, with reasonable proof of the concept of “guardian angels”, after all.

The Successful Rock and Roll Musician

A lifestyle encompassing one’s talent with instrument and/or voice, song writing, live performance and studio recording ability, stage presence, physical splendor, demeanor and attitude, commensurate with the industry’s prevailing and flourishing artists…and LUCK!

The Victorious Street Fighter

One talented, savvy and fortunate enough to remain relatively injury-free…and, of course, to ultimately stay alive.

The Village Squires

Four young men meeting the dichotomous blend of the above criteria, trying to simply understand the meaning of life, collectively battling their mental, physical and spiritual demons, realizing that often one pushes the proverbial envelope without taking the time to read the enclosed letter.

The Village Squires – Tales of Mayhem and Revenge
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Stilson Greene – Graphic Design
Eddie Solomon – Photography
Linda Hayes and Janice Spillan – Editing
Wes Driskill – Latin Translation
Joe Ritenour – Legal
Naval Commander (ret.) Georgia Gill – Spiritual