Faces Are Three Of Virtuosity

Faces Are Three Of Virtuosity

Faces Are Three Of Virtuosity is novelist and poet Michael André Fath’s sixth book.

His previous narratives, The Girls of Yesterday and The Village Squires – Tales of Mayhem and Revenge, and books of poetry, Reflections of Darkness and Light, Amor est Conceptualis and 28 Benedizioni di Rita, have gathered critical praise and numerous wonderful reviews.

This volume, however, is a departure for this writer.

Faces Are Three Of Virtuosity is not just another typical motivational treatise.  Rather, it is an actual way to discover and develop one’s inner creative genius, based upon an innovative and highly unique method and strategy!

He wants you, the business professional, to enhance your life by doing something of which you have always dreamed, and at a remarkable and very satisfying level.
This is illustrated by real events and the author’s own vocational successes and critical acclaim in several professional genres!

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