Michael André Fath

12 Books

Jesica – Sanctified Daughter of God is about an American rebirth of cultural faith, particularly with America’s youth.  Jesica, even as a baby, exhibits an aptitude and intelligence far beyond her years.  This coupled with specific and divine actions gives one the belief that angels do exist, even in the flesh.

Jesica – Sanctified Daughter of God is the sixth novel from Michael André Fath.  His previous: The Girls of Yesterday; The Village Squires – Tales of Mayhem and Revenge; The Conversion of Ronnie Vee; Symphony for the Angels; and Arc of a Squire continue to gain new fans and praise everywhere.

Michael is also the author of five volumes of poetry: Aesthetic Divine; Life Changes, Yet Never Ends; 28 Benedizioni di Rita; Amor est Conceptualis; and, Reflections of Darkness and Light.  

In addition, he has written a motivational treatise on finding one’s inner creative genius: Faces Are Three of Virtuosity.

As with all of his creative writing, Michael passionately recognizes his Southern heritage, spirituality, and philosophy—faithfully embracing the provincial nature, heart, and soul found there in all its marvelous guises.

He is clearly defined and inspired by his three beautiful daughters, Jade, Sierra, and Paris.  All are professionally successful and happy young women with whom he continues to fall in love on a daily basis.  Proof positive of God’s existence.