"The verse set forth in this collection has the continuous theme of the emotional duality we literally all face, that of sadness or joy.

Presented throughout are the numerous darker and more tragic themes of life, experienced almost universally; and intended equally as such, the lighter and more wondrous events hopefully countering and gracing our collective existence.

Still, one might experience a confusion of sentiment within a single entry's boundaries, and isn't this what life tends to often provide?

‘Reflections' obviously gives way to this writer's particular catharses, or rather much purification over a conscious lifetime; yet, hopefully will entice readers to similarly bond with said thoughts of pain and laughter, and of our failed intentions measured against our successful endeavors.

As consistent with my other creative writing ventures, this was yet another labor of love, with ceremonial deep soul cleansing continued, however differing in a manner that of which befell yours truly on a very regular basis.

Whenever I began I then finished a particular poem and, unlike a novel's few pages at a time, knew that once the emotional rollercoaster began, I could at least hold on for dear life until it stopped!

If it was a ‘dark' entry, I immediately experienced either: slight lament, melancholy or even profound unhappiness, clearly to be expected, yet still wary of its particular and inevitable conclusion.

On the other hand, if it was to be a ‘light' offering, I could anticipate at least a reprieve from mentioned poignant response, or even better: hope, elation and compassion for others, something I personally seek and cherish on a more than casual basis!

Lastly, even with our more depressing episodes of life, there is still much to be gained; this is how we survive, this is how we evolve."

Michael André Fath

Reflections of Darkness and Light

reflections of darkness and light

Reflections of Darkness and Light is this author’s debut volume of verse. These 51 poems transcend the gamut of human emotion and experience, whether physical, mental or spiritual, and sometimes everything, wrapped into a single offering.

The splendor of daughters, our Chesapeake Bay’s sheer majesty, the sublime brilliance of sport and luminosity of music, etc., are included themes giving way to those feelings of grandeur, with even the devoted care of one’s 1950’s Chevrolet, and the intoxicating visual seduction of a simple sundress!

Yet to counterbalance while being faithful to the more somber and tragic aspects of life, entries also portray the loneliness of being a single father, sibling and parent loss, fall from grace, a beloved pet’s transition, a Marine Vietnam veteran’s catharsis and much more.

These will hopefully, at the very least, entice reflection and appreciation of surviving life’s numerous and many times seemingly insurmountable and impossible challenges.

Reflections of Darkness and Light is available in soft and hard cover formats, as well as in eBook:

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Cover art: Sierra Fath
Graphic design: Jim Spruell
Photography: David Sharpe and Madeleine Harrell
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