Jesica – Sanctified Daughter of God

I have been teaching guitar to my friend Prescott Engle for a good 15 years—we’re planning on 20, then both of us riding off into the sunset to do battle on different fronts; yes, we are warriors (fact, not fiction) and will be needed elsewhere to do God’s work, of which music is a major part.

We have also promised each other one more and last glorious bar fight—not looking for it but accepting the challenge that was (surreptitiously—wink, wink) placed right before us…hopefully to save some damsels in distress.

However, I digress.

It all started, though, with him asking me to produce his first record, 16 years ago. I can remember that first meeting (Spanky’s, Leesburg, VA), and I was very honored to do just that. Our mutual friend, and world class graphic designer, Stilson Greene set this in motion.

I have produced many records over the years—more than 30 of my own various projects, at least 15-20 other bands and artists, and have been consulted on so many endeavors that I’ve lost count.

This one, however, was different. Prescott was not a professional musician, and I had previously only been involved with pros at all levels.

Rather, he was a former college football player, Army Special Forces officer (thanks again, brother, for your service), and in the last three decades a highly successful insurance company owner, consultant, and now manager in the prestigious Hilb Group.

Prescott is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever known. Whether politics, human affairs, business, running an SF ops in God’s knows where, etc., he’s confident and realistic—this is the key.

More importantly, he’s an awesome husband to Stephanie (one of my special and most fave girls) and the father of eight incredible children.

Most importantly, however, Prescott Engle is a man and soldier of God. This is our mutual blood-bond, and I can assure you that it’s an airtight one. We are eye-to-eye on all matters of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and our Father in Heaven.

Prescott is Jewish! Shocker, but he is Messianic. He knows the truth of Jesus Christ and so do I.

These last 15 years have been wondrous. Pres has dramatically improved as a singer, songwriter and most definitely as a guitarist. How could he not?

It’s yours truly, coaching him (another wink).

All of this is well and good, but the truly astounding thing about my brother and best friend is his spiritual acuity. Prescott Engle is the singular most knowledgeable soul I ever met on all matters Holy Bible—God’s words of truth. And, this includes many professionals in this arena; including Rabbis, ministers, academics., etc.

I have had the singular, greatest spiritual education with my brother in my entire life. Even though my faith was already and firmly entrenched in my blood and soul, Prescott stoked its coals and added the oxygen to take this fire to an even higher level.

I cannot thank him enough.

We are brothers—it’s that simple. He’s got my back and knows that I have his. Steph realizes this, too. This makes me glad to know that his best friend and soulmate is reassured.

Our paths shall continue, together and separately, as life presents numerous adventures.

So, it is with absolute honor, respect, and love that this dedication is going to Prescott Engle, a son of God. 


Aesthetic Divine

Those that have graced my life in various manner and fashion, I thank you with my complete heart.  

The longest and most dedicated are my guitar/music fans, simply because this has been my focused profession since graduation from college years ago.

The fact that I achieved a great amount of international success as a guitarist means that it took not only my commitment and skill, but many others: magazine and newspaper writers, staff and publishers who heard something new and what they truly respected; music manufacturers (my numerous corporate sponsorships) who benefited in the marketing of yours truly; radio Deejays that loved what they heard; record and video labels that believed; talent agents, lawyers, publicists and management personnel; and a variety of other integral components, most notably you, the dedicated fan.

My martial arts success has been much the same, the only difference being that this, professionally, was put into place just 20+ years ago.  In that time frame I achieved, again, an elite, worldwide status due to my own blood, sweat and tears, as well as a multitude of injuries—the caveat here being that my competitive fighting days are over (mostly), yet they still exist in spirit!

My creative writing, coincidently, started around this same time span.  I attacked this genre with the very same perseverance as anything I’ve ever done.  I had very little previous training, other than the fact that I was always an avid reader, even as a child.  Apparently, though, this is yet another message and gift from God for me to pursue and develop.  I have and will continue to give it my all.

I take my dedications most seriously, as should be expected.  Mom, dad, brothers, daughters and others have been chosen with my previous 10 published books, including our Lord.

Mike Waddell is one of a few that has made a difference in my life, not only as a best friend but someone that has championed my causes above and beyond what most could imagine.  My music, martial arts and writing have all been a part of his dedicated compassion and generosity.  He once found one of my old guitars, long ago sold (probably for my daughters’ college funds) and bought it back for me…a gift I shall never forget.  There have been many other incidents as profound as this, I can promise you.

Recently, we were having a single malt scotch at his house, sitting at the bar and talking about our current lives, which we will do from time to time.  I am paraphrasing, but this is close to what he said, “I have read everything you’ve written.  You are a great novelist, but your poetry is just as good, and that is a completely different spectrum.”

We were in the midst of discussing what I had to offer the world, in terms of keynote speaking, and he said that I was already into four categories of excellence: 1) music; 2) martial arts; 3) novelist; and, 4) a poet…he also suggested that 5) would be my eventual professional speaking.

I had never separated my narrative and verse skills, but he did and apparently others, too.  As previously stated, I had no intention of publishing a fifth volume of poetry.  Yes, I had quite a lot already written, but poetry truly does not sell, and I was thinking more economically that artistically.

Well, that changed at that very moment…yes, our second scotch most likely played into this, as well.

So, it is with honor, respect and love that I dedicate Aesthetic Divine to my cherished friend Mike Waddell.


Arc of a Squire

The genesis of this dedication was actually many years ago, when my friend, Dr. Robert Keith Belote, started his most amazing and personal medical care for me.

My primary physician has treated my broken noses, cracked ribs, lacerated eyes fractured cheekbone, stressed lower back, torn biceps, broken hand, hernia surgeries, stress fractures—the list goes on and on.

Lately, his medical care for me was even more serious…

As importantly, he has counseled me through the death of my younger brother Eddie (rest in peace), two divorces and the demise of a few serious relationships, the death of a mutual friend (rest in peace, Joe), and other tragic events that affect each and every one of us.
As well, Keith Belote has celebrated and supported my professional endeavors—music, martial arts and creative writing, all of which are continuing to succeed—thanks to my mental and physical health.

After 43 years at Catoctin Family Practice, Leesburg, VA, Keith is finally retiring, this summer. His patients are his family, and I have been fortunate enough to be included.

This novel’s release at the same time-frame of his retirement is absolutely coincidental. However, the irony is not lost with either of us.
As we both have said, “God’s plan, simple as that.”

Which brings me to my final thought…

Keith and I share the same spiritual beliefs. This has made all the difference in the world, for both of us.
It is with love, heart and soul that I dedicate Arc of a Squire to Doctor Robert Keith Belote.

Thanks for your wonderful care, my friend

Michael André Fath


Life Changes, Yet Never Ends

So, dear Fa(i)thful, I am dedicating Life Changes, Yet Never Ends to the many of you that love or have loved me (in any capacity).

You that are my best friends; those that are simply my friends; those women who have caressed my heart beyond belief; my family; and most importantly, my daughters Jade and Sierra.

All of you have greatly influenced me in some manner, and trust me, hand–to–God, it never went unnoticed.

Michael André Fath



Symphony for the Angles

These four novellas are dedicated to my dad, my brother Vic, Chris and Doug Grimes, and my Angel,

all who were the collective inspiration for (hopefully) my finest work to date! May God bless you for giving me the muse for continuing.

Michael André Fath





The Conversion of Ronnie Vee

This novel is most lovingly dedicated to Stilson Greene.

My life-long friend and supporter of my artistic endeavors over the last 30 years, he has been with me throughout all of the requisite pain and suffering that comes with the precarious territory of touching those inner levels of creativity…whether music, poetry or prose.
The brilliant novelist, Pat Conroy, once told me, “I lose a piece of my soul every single time that I write.”
After finishing this novel, I am yet again reminded of Pat’s prescient words of advice so many years ago, and taken, then and now, literally, to heart.
Not only has Stilson conceptually envisioned my intentions, but his philosophical reminders of life have helped me survive the process. Plus, his friendship has greatly contributed in saving me, more than a few times.
Thank you, my brother, I so love you…

Michael André Fath

Faces Are Three Of VirtuosityMy “concept of three”, in its multitudes of professional practice, and even ritual, is something I’ve always known, somehow, but often inexplicable, if you want to get right down to it.

Examples of my vocational efforts and successes will illustrate this theoretical and philosophical premise, but I have to confess that it’s more natural feel than anything so perceptible.

Faces Are Three Of VirtuosityYes, in this volume I will directly break down obvious and tangible methods of practice, but from where all of this ascended, I can only trust my faith.

The Christian doctrine of the Trinity holds that God is three entities: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Very simply put, one God in three Divine Persons.

And so, I most respectfully dedicate this to the basis of my entire creative existence, The Holy Trinity.

And, by the way, this is no coincidence!


amor est conceptualisI lost my younger brother Eddie nine years ago, and it nearly took me out.  I can only imagine my mom’s heartbreak, he being her beloved, treasured and extremely talented son.  By then dad had been gone twenty years; thus his grief was most assuredly softened and tempered by God and dad’s heavenly mates.

Of course my youngest brother Victor lost his sibling, too.  However, what shattered all of my immediate family’s communal hearts, including Vic’s two daughters and mine, was the fact that Eddie’s kids would never really know their dad, as they both were so young at the time.  To their mother’s credit, she has raised them to be remarkable adolescent girls, who someday may yet come to know their dad, at least in some fashion.

jade and sierraWe all suffer losses, no discrimination there.  Not one single person on this planet is immune to anguish in some form or another.  I believe, though, that the toughest thing of all is to witness our collective children’s sorrows and pain.  Never have I been sadder than when my girls were hurting; and, as any of us parents would attest, we would trade places with them in a second if we possibly could.

My life continues with, and through, my daughters Jade and Sierra, in everything that I touch, feel and experience…and this is most satisfactory to me.  I have Love and I know Love, and this keeps me joyful and alive.

In this regard, I would like to most reverently dedicate Amor est Conceptualis to all of you that embrace Love, in whatever manner possible; and, that nurture this concept, passing it on to those that need it most, whenever.

This is what God planned, and this is what He demands!


girls of yesterdayI, as most if not all authors, hold the dedications found in every book (as well as my music releases) very close to my heart! Every time something of this magnitude is completed, it almost forces you into a brief period of melancholy as this “chapter” or “verse” of life is now finished, and it’s time to recollect what it was that got you there.

Sometimes, in the beginning, there is a clear idea of who will exactly be honored, but often it is the actual catharsis of conclusion that inspires the most sacred “dedication”.

“The Girls of Yesterday” is most lovingly dedicated to my mom, Elizabeth,
and to her best friend Norma Bornarth
(may she continue to rest in peace with our Lord).


reflections of darkness and lightIn 1987 a most extraordinary event occurred, one that would change my life forever, and that was the birth of my first daughter Jade. I remember holding this tiny little bundle and looking into her eyes and falling in love far beyond and above all previous amazing, wonderful and appreciated times, and thanking God for her safe delivery to us. Now my life had a purpose heretofore unknown, and now the word “sacrifice” would mean something never experienced.

In 1990, three very short and sleep deprived years later, our baby Sierra followed suit, and again I was completely and utterly thunderstruck by my overwhelming and heart-warming passion for our second little girl and gift from His Almighty!

It is no secret to those that know me of my devotion to these two; and, my life’s ambition is the be the greatest father in the world, or at least give it the old college try. It is also no surreptitious fact that they are soul mates, confidants, infatuations and even “girlfriends”. We love to laugh, and forever will I totally adore and not just cherish but also be in love with them.

It may again be obvious, with some of the forthcoming verse, that these two young women for their entire time as living souls most assuredly influenced and conditioned my emotional stability yet precarious fragility; and, I realize that this is the price one pays for unconditional devotion!

They have further added to my strength and resolve, and have helped their dad through trauma and crisis, knowing and appreciating my instinctive and time-honored survival skills, yet completing them, and making me whole.

Jade and Sierra small

“Reflections of Darkness and Light” is most passionately dedicated to
Jade Arden and Sierra Marie.

village squiresSince my earliest teenage years, I have played in numerous rock and roll bands, progressive fusion instrumental groups, jazz ensembles and as an acoustic and electric soloist…from pool parties, VFW and American Legion Halls and high school functions in the beginning, to the stages of Washington, DC’s esteemed Kennedy Center, London’s infamous The Marquee and Wembley Arena, Glasgow’s prestigious Exhibition Hall, and concert venues in Frankfurt, Toronto and even Bermuda; as well, and most affectionately, several hundred American arenas, night clubs, beach settings and festivals, from Southern California’s Anaheim Civic Center to Baltimore’s iconic Hammerjacks, and Burlington, Vermont to Miami, Florida, with literally most points in between.

Both as an amateur and professional, with thousands of shows experienced, I have plainly “seen and mostly done it all”…Mafioso running a DC night club (and well known ones, at that), strippers’ after hours parties, some of the most wicked bar brawls imaginable, gunshots, police actions, celebrity fans, and even bands fighting amongst themselves on stage, whilst smack in the middle of a show.

This novel is just that, a work of my imagination, and while it’s very true that fiction is sometimes based upon a great deal of reality, in no way are the characters of this work meant to portray anyone you might think is represented (other than possibly yours truly), as the circles I’ve run in and paths crossed represent countless well-known players, singers and groups.

So, at the risk of leaving someone feeling personally left out, I would like to dedicate this narrative to the personal managers, attorneys, publicists, booking agents, magazine editors and related staff, artist relations people, producers, graphic designers, industry critics, the many music manufacturers that graciously sponsored me, video and publishing companies, and the record labels and personnel that have had their direct influence.

However, and most importantly, this is for the rock and roll bands that I’ve specifically played in and those musicians with whom I’ve shared the concert stage…and, as well, the ancillary players and groups that I’ve been involved with, either as a guitarist and singer or even producer, with intent always aimed at stardom!

They are from the beginning to today: The Love Company, Renaissance Blues, Barefoot Trader, Teaser, Taste, Heather, Peaches and Herb, Tahoka, Wizzard, Orphan, King Dazzle, my namesake and all related entities (which are several, but especially to Corey Holland, Dave Crigger, Andy Hamburger and Chris Neubauer), Ricky Phillips (Styx) and Terry Lee Glaze (Pantera)…together we actually started Bad English, The Virginia Rangers, Le Jazz, Truth, The Cherry People and Faith.

RitaWhile this may be rather obvious, it is necessary for me to actually say so, with the words that I’ve spoken to myself over and over for these past several months.

Sometimes love is a moving river that one settles into and rides with the glee and unrestraint of times past, times remembered and times appreciated. This, hopefully, matures into a union that is lasting, strong and faithful.

Many times love is not love, but a sincerely passionate undertaking that pretty much blows both involved away, in to the clouds, but when they settle back to earth things seems to disintegrate, as not enough emphasis was placed on developing the friendship, which is truly the connection that lasts.

I found myself, not that long ago, giving up on any kind of serious relationship, and blamed myself for not really trying.

Why? Maybe I was just tired of all the effort, the drama, the arguing over the most unnecessary reasons; however, I think most of all I was exhausted from the heartache, something that accompanies love quite often.

And, I had never, ever before been subjected to, or rather accepted, the unfolding of a divine plan, with respect to romance. God, indeed, had possibly offered, but I had not listened.

I have witnessed some of the most amazing love stories of all-time, as we all have, but I had never considered myself to be in the same league. I have lived a wonderful life and was extremely happy continuing in said tradition with my family, friends and vocations.

Then I met Rita, and all of past remembrances of story tale romance, couples I had known that were forever committed to one another, and my previous experiences all came vividly into play, with a light that was blinding, deliberate and all-consuming.

God sent her, plainly and simply. She found me, I found her, and after all of these years, I might add. The difference now, however, is that I paid attention to Him, and to her, something that I could, apparently, actually do.

As well, I listened to the souls of my dad and brother Eddie, both of whom I communicate with on a regular basis and miss beyond words.

I even “Spoke” to her departed parents, Romana and Giovanni, as they too have figured into this, sometimes, unbelievable magic.

So, my daughters, families and friends, it is with sincere honor and great passion that I most fondly dedicate this volume of poetry and prose, and with God’s blessing, to my best friend, greatest love and eternal mate, Rita Conestabile!