Amor est Conceptualis

amor est conceptualis

Amor est Conceptualis, is novelist Michael André Fath’s second book of verse. His debut effort, Reflections of Darkness and Light, gathered many wonderful reviews.

As with Reflections of Darkness and Light, his choice of 51 single-page entries were designed and crafted to concisely portray some of the various and numerous meanings of Love from a conceptual basis; hence its title. This was no easy task, as the possibilities, once reflected upon, were seemingly endless.

Lastly, Love is joy, Love is heartbreak, and everything in between. May we all be fortunate enough to experience this array, as from sorrow we gain strength and from elation we evolve…God’s plan, plainly and simply!

“Simply brilliant, but brilliantly simple… will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye…” Thomas L. Bateman Jr.

“His ability to translate a keen power of observation into prose is uncanny…” J. Gilman

“…Michael’s sensitive poems reveal genuine pieces of his soul, an inspirational journey from start to finish…Guaranteed to evoke emotions throughout…” Stacy Carroll

“With brilliant execution, Michael André Fath manages to take his readers on a soulful journey of tragedy and despair, spiritual cleansing, and creative inspiration…” Bonnie Abbott

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Cover Art: Sierra Fath
Graphic design: Stilson Greene
Photography: Ed Solomon
Editing: Stacy Carroll
Latin Translation: Wes Driskill
Legal: Paice, Mougin-Boul, Smith